MidtownEndo is passionate about clinical excellence and treatment comfort and efficiency. We have always been an early adopter of the latest advancements in technology that help treat and support our patients better. We view advanced technology as a tool; a tool that requires experience and knowledge to be truly beneficial for patients. In the field of dentistry, and endodontics in particular, technology such as advanced digital radiography and imaging devices can lead to over treatment if employed without good training. But in skilled hands it can greatly improve upon patient
outcomes and efficiency.

We only take necessary x-rays and images. Without the use of these technologies, predictable diagnosis and
treatment would be impossible. We want our patients to be able to see the images of their teeth and the problem
for which they were referred.

CBCT (cone beam computed tomography), aka cone beam imaging, is relatively new
in dentistry. Our office was one of the first dental practices in the area to own and utilize CBCT technology. The
radiation in the CBCT is a fraction of its medical counterpart. The images from our machine give us a 3-D view of a
tooth compared to a 2-D view, which is very valuable in identifying and assessing complex or atypical cases. It is
particularly helpful in retreatment cases. These images are invaluable in determining why the tooth failed to
respond to the initial treatment and in helping the doctor to determine a predictable treatment plan. It can also
help prevent unnecessary treatment for the patient.

TDO - is the leading endodontic practice software and the first to seamlessly integrate CBCT technology into its
diagnostic and treatment protocols. TDO is universally recognized as the "gold standard" in endodontic record
keeping and is used by top clinicians in 30 countries.

Some root canals have a diameter of 0.08 mm, and are extremely difficult to locate, especially if you consider that
they are housed deep inside the crown of a tooth. By employing highly specialized Surgical Operating Microscopes
(SOMs), we are able to locate micro-fractures that otherwise might go undetected. Posts, pins, broken instruments
and obstructions found in retreatment cases are also more easily addressed utilizing these advanced microscopes.

SOMs provide superior vision by precisely training tremendously bright, focused light under extremely high
magnification. From diagnosis to treatment, the SOM benefits the patient and endodontist alike.